Saturday haul, and longevity of Emily de Molly polish

I don’t like going shopping on the weekend.  Generally I can avoid it, but not today! After spending the night at my parents’ house I spent a good chunk of the first hour of Saturday driving around town looking for a park.  I eventually just parked illegally and waited until the local manbeast was done with his doctor’s appointment.So. I already have hermit tendencies.  Teamed with a hot and frustrating wait in the car – I then venture into a small shopping centre to buy the groceries.

There were a lot of rude people, pushing in, bumping, just generally being pains in the arse…  and my tolerance was waning.  I decided then,  while looking at the Sally Hansen on sale that a new polish would cheer me up! I had been looking for a cheap but quality black polish (that is better quality than the $2 drug store) for nail art purposes.  I picked up a bottle of Black Out (Xtreme Wear) for just over $5 from Woolworths.

After the groceries were done, I went to have a look at the newsagent when I noticed the hairdressers had a bargain bin full of Creative nail polish.  Never did make it to the newsagent :B




 From Left to Right we have #168 Mother of Pearl, #377 VIP Status and #288 Sugar Baby

I wanted to show how well the Emily de Molly polish lasted so here’s a shot of that before I attack it with remover.  I have since taken it off but it took forever!!  Glitter polish FTW.

I had some wearing at the tips, and it did start to dull after about 4 days, but I’d slapped it on in a rush so messy coats and a trip to the loo before the topcoat was fully 100% dry!

I can say as far as it goes for a slap-happy application, and someone who is brutal on their nails (hazard of my job as a secretary always in a rush) – this Emily de Molly is hard wearing, and takes a lot of punishment.  A little like me 🙂


Emily de Molly Swatch :: Harmony

Emily de Molly – Harmony

I painted my nails last Sunday, with a mild hangover. As usual, I had issues. I am a messy bitch and had a lot of clean up, trying the brush/remover method for the first time with a brush that was dropping more hair that my tubby cat.  Also I had to pee before it was fully dry.  Then throw in rough edges from my week old gel manicure.I liked it, the formula was great, nice and thick and the glitters really do stay suspended and are eager to get on your nail.  It was fun but the base colour reminded me a little too much of blutac for me to really love it. I would wear it again, although only on my toes  🙂

Emily de Molly polishes can be bought at their etsy store, and are also stocked at Llarowe and Femme Fatale Cosmetics.


The agony of having to wait to use a new polish

I have my work Xmas party coming up this Saturday.  Last Saturday, I had my usual infills and this time I got gel colour in a gorgeous sparkling coppery pink.My nail tech talked me into this colour as it was her favourite.  As soon as she opened up the pot, I knew it was the one I had to have.  It matched my dress absolutely perfectly – My dress has a white base, with a lace/vine like pattern in a mix of colour from black through to brown, then into this peachy copper shade.



Not a problem, I can wait a week until after my work party to paint my nails again….

Then my friend shows up with a “cheer up bitch” pressie of 6 fluro Savina nail polishes.  OK…. Doesn’t match my dress but I have toes (I am now sporting all 6 colours on my feet… And I may have told the local manbeast that it was unfortunate that I only had 5 toes).

The Savina polish was bright, in nice fun colours.  Dries super quick so it wasn’t a hassle doing the 3-4 coats I needed for the green and yellow although I noticed it was not super shiny when it was done.  I put on a coat of topcoat and that evened out the streakies I had with the green and yellow.  The colours are: Orange Blast, Neon Yellow, Famous Fuschia, Green Neon, Dream (my fave of the bunch) and Marine Life.

Things are going well, toenails tidied and painted, relaxing and watching some tv, all is content.

Then manbeast brings in the mail to me …. And my order from Emily de Molly has arrived!  Two are a gift (for my cheer up bitch buddy’s xmas present) and 1 for me!

Harmony, a grey creme with hex, square and fine glitter in white, teal-ish blue, and purples.  I know the teal is a holo glitter, but it’s too early in the morn for me to expose myself to the reality of starting another work day ie. the sun.  The other two colours being gifted are Path to Glory and Shattered Sapphire – my friend is a self-proclaimed bower bird.

Now for the lazy… A swatch of Harmony done on a notebook by my desk.


Pissy Polish :: Don’t Drink and Drive (your nailpolish brush)

Welcome to my first ‘official’-ish post.Tonight, after quite a few a couple of Smirnoff Ice Double Blacks, I gathered my polish (what I could find of it) and had a bit of a play.  I soon decided that I really needed a bigger range of colours to properly try water marbling, and it was getting messy soooo….

Meet my weird glitter/sheer jelly mishmash.

In order from bottom to top:

OPI Lincoln Park After Midnight
BYS Pot of Gold
Miki “3” – a hot pink I snagged in a 6 pack “Rock Your Neon World”
Another coat of BYS Pot of Gold

Painted while tipsy, in poor lighting.  Go me!  I’ve got to be honest here.  This looks like utter crap.  I had some major cuticle neglect teamed with drunken aim and after the first layer I was pretty much just slapping anything on.

It looked even worse in daylight the next day with sober eyes.  I still wore it to work that Monday, and I even got a few compliments on it’s unique-ness. There’s no accounting for some people’s taste 😉


Gauche Gal